Custom Boxes Made On-Site and On-Time


Branded Packaging and Custom Box Solutions, Too


End-to-End Design, Manufacturing, Warehousing, & Delivery


Help us help you. Larsen Packaging manufactures and distributes a full line of shipping supplies including custom corrugated products to get your product safely from Point A to Point B. With one of the fastest lead times in the Midwest, let Larsen help cure your pain points and work harder to help you keep your deliveries and commitments intact. When you’re ready to Box Smarter, Larsen can help.

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As the Midwest’s premier packaging manufacturer, Larsen goes way beyond the box to help you get your products there safely and more affordably, too.



As a full-service manufacturer, Larsen can help you from: Concept, Design, Manufacturing, and Delivery.



If you fulfill online orders, Larsen can manufacture just the right package for your specific application. From multiple closures, auto-bottoms, self-sealing tear-opens, returnable (and reusable) packaging and more, Larsen has the team, equipment, and expertise to help solve all your e-commerce needs.



When you need custom stock boxes, Larsen can manufacture them tailor-made to your fulfillment programs. And if there’s a smarter, stronger, or more cost-effective product than the one you’re currently using to ship your products, we’ll be the first to let you know.